Bright Vista Medical Stabilization Program at McAllen Medical Center

therapyRecovery assistance for drug and alcohol dependence

Bright Vista at McAllen Medical Center is a medical stabilization program for those who have chosen to overcome their dependency on drugs or alcohol. A medical stabilization program helps ensure that patients receive proper medical attention as they withdraw from drug or alcohol dependency.

A chance for a new beginning

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can be the most difficult challenge a person can go through. Bright Vista’s specially trained treatment team includes medical doctors and nurses who use a multidisciplinary approach to patient stabilization.

Patients receive the medical attention they need to help them make a safe transition from physical dependency on drugs or alcohol to an opportunity for a new beginning in life.

McAllen Medical Center provides a comfortable environment and expert medical supervision for the recovery process. Potential patients include those who are currently using certain drugs or alcohol, or who are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms.

Patient stays

A typical three-day stay at Bright Vista at McAllen Medical Center includes assessment, medical management and discharge planning.

When patients are admitted to McAllen Medical Center, they will be assessed, including medical history, a physical examination and complete laboratory work-ups. Personal treatment plans are developed according to each patients specific needs.

After discharge

Helping patients prevent relapse after they are discharged is an important part of the Bright Vista program. Before leaving the hospital, patients receive comprehensive discharge plans and referrals to aftercare programs located in the community.

These programs can help patients stay on track to getting their lives back.

McAllen Medical Center's Bright Vista Program was acknowledged on the Dr. Phil Show recently in a story called the "Two Amandas."
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Bright Vista
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Bright Vista accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most insurance plans.

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Specialty Programs
for Working Individuals

The Bright Vista Program at McAllen Medical Center offers specialty programs for:

  • Executives
  • Business professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educators

These programs are structured to provide treatment around the busy schedules of working professionals, and allow patients to find ease and comfort in their recovery process while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

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