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McAllen Medical Center Renovation and Rebranding

Welcome to McAllen Medical Center's renovation page, which features videos and photos documenting our exciting 15-month, $22.7 million renovation. Changes will include updating the hospital's exterior to a contemporary, warm color; renovations to the patient rooms, nurse stations, lobby and dining area; and interior and exterior wayfinding upgrades and infrastructure updates. The renovations are being made in part to reflect the quality of care that McAllen Medical Center has been providing area residents since 1985. McAllen Medical Center has been at the forefront of change, being the first hospital in the area to offer open-heart surgery, one-day catheterization and magnetic resonance imaging.


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The renovations will also improve the patient experience by enhancing the hospital's environment. Patient room upgrades will include new flooring and ceilings, LED lighting, and new showers, toilets and bathroom floors. The dining area's new booths, raised ceilings and relaxing color scheme will be inviting to visitors and staff. The lobby will feature a new reception desk, raised ceilings and new finishes. And the nurse stations updates will enhance workflow and feature better signage to direct visitors.

The project is expected to be completed in March 2018. Check back often to see project updates.